Animal Note Heads

Fun, free & easy note learning


An open source project where every note head is substituted so that A equals alligator, Re es igual ratón, C er lig med chimpanze, Fa égale fourmi, Σολ ισούται με φίδι, etc…


Because we love music and want kids af all ages to learn musical notation.


The sheets come in animal, normal and color yourself versions. You can create your own and/or browse the library on


I’m creating posters that you can print and hang up. They’re currently available in: English, Dansk


I’m making a wooden puzzle prototype to pitch the idea for toy producers here in Europe. If that doesn’t pan out I’ll probably create a Kickstarter to start my own puzzle production. Follow me for updates.


Use the free Pianimo iOS app and/or get the 1.7$ vinyl sticker set to put on your keys like these danish stickers. Getting bulk discount and using 25% coupon makes the price 2.7$ for 6 sets


Everyone is welcome to join us at GitHub - you don’t have to be a programmer. We’re adding more languages and features to make it even better and easier to use.

Abraham Abraham Lee - Lilypond expert
Tobias Tobias Due Munk - iOS developer
Andreas Andreas Larsen - Multifaceted open source fanatic


Yoan Roullard (FR), Elijah Verdoorn (ES), Ελευθερία Χατζηαργυρίου (EL), you?